KCPL is geared up to offer following services to our esteemed customers

  • Study customer requirements and offer exact solution to give long-term corrosion protection.
  • Supply of coating material with application back-up.
  • Execute in-house as well as customer location coating application work which includes.
  • Surface cleaning – to remove foreign material and defects if any.
  • Surface Preparation – blast cleaning to ensure proper adhesion of coating with substrate.
  • Environmental checks – all related environmental checks e.g. temperature, humidity etc.
  • Coating application
  • Coating inspection
Energy audits which includes following activities

  • Identify routine opportunities for Energy Conservation in Rotating equipments
  • Innovative approach to reduce need of periodic maintenance
  • Check scope for additional Energy Conservation
  • Suggest various Energy Conservation measures backed with appropriate Techno-economics
  • Execute the Energy conservation assignments to ensure peak performance of the assets.
Pump Refurbishment and Efficiency Improvement Coating

Kirloskar Corrocoat Private Limited offers a range of pump services both on site via a dedicated professional team, or at our Kirloskarvadi workshop. Our workshop houses a number of facilities which include machining, balancing, reverse engineering, corrosion engineering & has Asia's Largest Pump Testing Facility.

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Composite Structural Rehabilitation System

Composite structural rehabilitation (CSR) is a system which uses a combination of specialised laminating resins, interlayered with glass reinforced polymers (GRP) composite laminates.

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Vinyl Ester Glass Flake Coatings for FGD System

Moist and corrosive flue gas generated in scrubbing process will hamper Scrubber, Ducts, Tanks, and chimney metallic flue canes, hence protecting them will require high performance coating....

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Epoxy Glass Flake & Polyester Glass Flake Coating for Pipeline Internal & External Coating

For any plant, pipelines are vein and arteries of plant. These pipelines need to function smoothly to achieve optimum efficiency of any plant. However, as vein and arteries in human body get affected by cholesterol, the pipelines in plant get affected by corrosion.

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Tanks / Vessels Internal & External Coating

Long term corrosion protection of Internal & External of Tanks & Vessels.

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Structure Coating for Long Term Corrosion Protection

Combating Old/ New Structure Corrosion issues with High Performance Glass Flake Coatings

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