Our coatings are available to protect your critical plant equipments and structures from corrosion attack and help your bottom line through reduced repair, maintenance, replacement and downtime costs. Corrocoat composites can be used to rebuild corroded and worn equipment to provide a repair that is strong and durable.
When prevention is better than cure, coating new equipment can provide longer life and better performance. Pumps, valves, pipes, storage tanks and process vessels all benefit from our expert treatment.


High performance engineering glass flake filled composites using resin technology tailormade for the process environment. 

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The Polyglass range of materials was originally developed to create a spray-applied protective coating which offered all the performance advantages of a flake glass filled system, together with improved ease and speed of application.

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A range of tailor-made, high performance polymeric solutions for critical service applications. 

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Friction-reducing, energy-efficient protective coating systems  Increased concern relating to the more effective use of energy resources has resulted in the introduction of new technology in coating materials.

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High performance, abrasion-resistant protective coatings and surface-tolerant primers 

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Rezorect products are based on the latest polymer technology. They are proven to perform in the most demanding environments and can be used anytime and anywhere to repair equipment operating in aggressive industrial services.

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Plasmet ZF Aerosol

“Mix & Go” – It’s that easy…

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