KCPL becomes the only Indian company to achieve Milestone of completing in-situ coating of Chimney metallic stack internal surface 2 No (130 Mtr Ht. & 3.2 Mtr. Dia ) at one of the state-of-the-art Refinery in the Northern India during shutdown as per agreed time frame. The work was carried out on Turnkey Basis i.e. Manufacturing, Supply of coating material, Project Machinery arrangement for Chimney internal movement, Cleaning of dust inside the chimney with High Pressure Water Jetting, Surface preparation as per SA 3 and Coating application in controlled environment.

The chimney will be operating without flue gas desulfurization for a few years, at a temperature in the range of 135-150°C and it was confirmed by the client that if the preheater failed, the temperature could rise as high as 300°C for between 15 to 30 minutes. Corrothane XT – “A Three Pack cold cured vinyl ester urethane polymer alloy with glass flake” was selected for the service condition inside chimney due to its Temperature and chemical resistance properties.

Despite extremely tight timescales and undesirable cold and foggy weather conditions, our Project Management Team along with Internal & External Stakeholders have worked as winning Team to achieve this Milestone, Project was completed within 27 days in February 2021.