Look at Our Anti-corrosion Technology

Corrosion affects everybody in one way or another. Monuments, structures, and products are a small percentage of infrastructure affected by the damage of corrosion. If corroded objects are left untreated, noticeable effects can start being present within the human body including:

  • Harm to the digestive tract
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Respiratory damage

If we look at pure monetary terms, the cost of corrosion is estimated at between 3% and 6% of gross domestic product, amounting to a worldwide figure of 1409 billion dollars. Corrosion protection saves not only time and money but avoids many other problems including adverse publicity following corrosion-related incidents and/or loss of production.

How Do Our Anti – Corrosion Coatings Work?

Our coatings use glass flake fillers which are impermeable to increase considerably the diffusion path through the coating. This produces a barrier layer slowing moisture diffusion and the corrosion potential to a near non-existent level.

The flakes of glass orientate themselves within the coating film to reduce the passage of moisture vapor. This effect is known as the tortuous path.

Uses For Corrosion Protection Coatings:

Steel Bridges, Piling, and Seawater Immersion

Kirloskar Corrocoat has pioneered the use of single coat glass flake coatings for structural steel bridges, piling, and seawater. The range of coatings include some available for high temperature service. Immersion of these materials offer excellent application properties, good edge coverage, rapid cure times, and long-term corrosion protection eliminating many of the problems associated with conventional multi-coat painting systems. Kirloskar Corrocoat coatings are also used to provide long-term protection for structural steel, piling, oil rigs, jetties, bridges, and many other structures.

Corrosion Prevention Solutions:

With a highly skilled workforce, Kirloskar Corrocoat is available to carry out coating work on various materials at the highest possible quality. Successfully achieving corrosion preventative solutions, Kirloskar Corrocoat services a wide range of industries including:


The cost of both money and time is a fundamental reason why the use of Kirloskar Corrocoat materials on structural steel is vital. By utilising Kirloskar Corrocoat’s glass flake coating, replacement of corroded materials become almost non-existent saving you from loss of production and possible incidents occurring. The improvements in glass flake quality, pioneered by Kirloskar Corrocoat, have allowed for the production of the zip code range of single coat structural steel coatings as a replacement for multiple coat materials.

Kirloskar Corrocoat’s dedicated technical managers and highly experienced estimators can help with even the most difficult of problems and provide a total solution from initial design consultation through to manufacture and installation.

Anti – Corrosion Technology At Work:

Kirloskar Corrocoat’s high performance materials have a proven track record of protecting process vessels, transport containers, road tankers, storage tanks, and underground storage tanks.

The linings produced have often been used to provide long-term protection for pipelines, preventing the need for expensive metallurgical solutions. We recommend polyglass/corroglass/armagel as the most effective corrosion preventative system for internal lining of pipes. With our engineering expertise, development of high-quality pipe blasting and pipe coating equipment is accessible.


Kirloskar Corrocoat Pvt. Ltd. has the ability to provide extensive end-to-end solutions by utilising the knowledge and experience of our expert teams. Making sure your materials are protected against corrosion, abrasion, and erosion will not only prolong the life of infrastructures but ensures the health of everyone is maintained. With extensive consequences, not using protective coating solutions become increasingly expected.

Through years of relationship building and thousands of successful projects undertaken some still working well after 30 years of service, Kirloskar Corrocoat Pvt. Ltd. has earned its place in the market as a company that can be trusted to carry out work right first time every time.