Antifouling Coating


In maritime industries, combating fouling of submerged structures, pipes, and equipment is a persistent challenge. Fouling, the undesirable accumulation of materials on surfaces, significantly impairs efficiency and functionality. Whether originating from biological or non-biological sources, fouling poses a serious problem. The Kirloskar Corrocoat's Biofoul is an advanced anti-foul coating designed to combat the detrimental effects of biofouling in both sea water and freshwater environments.

The Historical Solution:

Centuries ago, mariners utilized copper sheeting to protect their wooden vessels from fouling. The copper-rich surface effectively deterred fouling agents. Bio foul employs a similar mechanism, presenting a copper-rich surface that deters fouling agents.

Unparalleled Durability and Resistance:

Unlike conventional anti-foul materials, Biofoul forms a robust and durable surface that withstands scuffing and high-velocity water flow. This makes it an excellent choice for static constructions, as well as pipework and other areas with varying flow velocities. Notably, it is highly effective in sea water intakes, where marine growth can significantly reduce inlet size, leading to reduced flow and increased maintenance costs. Additionally, marine piling, support structures, vessel hulls, and pontoons benefit from the long-term protection provided by Biofoul.

We had made one sample of Inlet screen where one half was coated with normal coating, while the other half was coated with a veil of Biofoul. After a span of 2 months, it was observed that the Biofoul-protected half displayed no indications of marine growth. Remarkably, even after 19 months, the Biofoul coating continued to effectively inhibit marine growth on the samples. This long-term success in restricting marine growth demonstrates the durability and effectiveness of the Biofoul coating.


Application Process and Compatibility:

Biofoul is a three-pack synthetic, hydrolysable polyester solution designed for application over a corrosion barrier coating, typically Kirloskar Corrocoat's own Polyglass materials. Its application is straightforward, facilitated by airless spray equipment, and it exhibits rapid drying and curing characteristics. This ensures a seamless and efficient application process, minimizing downtime.

Environmentally Responsible Solution:

One of the key advantages of Biofoul is its environmentally responsible composition. Unlike traditional chemical-based anti-fouling methods that often rely on chlorine, Biofoul contains no chemical agents. Instead, it leverages a unique blend of metallic copper pigmentation and flakes, rendering it non-toxic. This innovative approach addresses concerns about environmental impact and aligns with modern sustainability practices.


Kirloskar Corrocoat's Biofoul represents a ground-breaking solution to combat the persistent issue of fouling in maritime industries. Its copper-rich composition, coupled with exceptional durability and resistance, provides unmatched protection for submerged structures, pipes, and equipment. Moreover, its environmentally responsible formulation makes it a forward-thinking choice for companies committed to sustainable practices.